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Partner program


If you are the owner of a business involved in receiving or sending cryptocurrencies, for example:

  1. Сryptocurrency financial services, exchanges and platforms
  2. Charity funds, crowdfunding funds, non-profit organizations and donation funds
  3. Gambling services, bookmakers, Forex companies, investment funds and other similar services
  4. Trading and escrow platforms and services

Blander is pleased to offer you to take part in our partner program.

By integrating with service, you will be able:

  1. To increase the confidentiality of your business
  2. To offer your users advanced anonymity level and increase the privacy of their financial operations, improving their loyality towards your business.
  3. To receive additional profit by means of partner rewards.

If you have a desire to make your own bitcoin mixing service, but you do not have enough expertise and/or development resources, you can launch it by using our API. Our time-tested solutions and unique practices securely protect your clients' privacy.

Important notice: gives no permission to use its brand, logos and/or parts of HTML code that can be identified as the itself or a part of it. In case of any violations of this rule are found the API credentials of this partner will be blocked.

How to start working with Blander

  1. Write us on [email protected] to get a partner key and credentials. Our experts will help you to come up with an optimal integration way for your business.
  2. Make and test integration. We have a client library written in PHP to make it easier for your developers.
  3. Your partner statistics will be available in the dedicated section of the website. Payouts are made once a week for all completed mixes created with your partner key.
We pay 50% of the service profit for every partner mix as a reward.

Client libraries

You can download the client library for PHP by following any of these links:

You can find API docs inside the archive.